How to Avoid Holiday Fire Hazards?

December 15, 2023

Now that it’s December, the holiday season is finally here! With joy and merriment in the air, it’s time to get festive and celebrate. For most people, the sense of warmth radiating from everyone’s home is what truly makes this season stand out. But amidst that comforting warmth, the festivities can turn into devastation, giving way to fire hazards and risks if you’re not careful. That is why it is important to navigate this time of the year with utmost care, steering clear of all potential fire dangers that might spoil the fun.

Common Holiday Fire Hazards

Most people don’t expect house fires to start during the winter season. But believe it or not, holiday home fires are an actual thing. In fact, they can be extremely dangerous and even get out of hand. Nevertheless, to avoid running into an accident of your own, keep an eye out for the following fire hazards during the holiday season.

1. Baking and Cooking a Feast

Holidays aren’t really complete without a grand feast. But as staple as the cooking part is, it is also one of the biggest fire hazards. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 47% of home fires are a result of cooking gone wrong. So, the next time you head into the kitchen to bake gingerbread cookies, make sure not to leave any gadget or device unattended. Cover all open flames and turn off the burners when done.

2. Fireplaces

Who doesn’t love to stoke a flame when it’s snowing outside? The warmth of a fireplace is unmatched, and nothing can beat the pure heat during the winters. However, be very careful when stoking the fire. Do not add extra coal or wood; otherwise, it might cause the flames to leap up and spread over the furniture.

3. Dry Christmas Trees

You can’t have Christmas without a fir tree, although some people prefer to buy fresh trees every year, whereas others get an artificial plant to re-decorate. If you and your family prefer buying a live tree, make sure to water it every day. Otherwise, the dry branches and fir leaves might catch fire.

4.  Fireworks

Fireworks are mostly reserved for the 4th of July, but Christmas also calls for a wild celebration every once in a while. If you or anyone you know is planning a fireworks display, make sure to follow the safety guidelines. Do not do it in your backyard. Instead, choose a location that is far away from trees and buildings so that the flames do not come into contact with anything.

5. Space Heaters

If you do not have a live fireplace or a thermostat installed in your house, space heaters are the next best thing to keep you warm. However, looking after them is mandatory. Do not leave them unattended when they are turned on. The heat that they emanate can easily catch on to something, effectively leading to a fire.

6. Candles and Lighting

Whether you’re the type to prefer classic white taper candles or bright fairy lights, always make sure they are not lit up for a long time. Even though candles provide an open flame and fairy lights are artificial, they both can trigger a small fire if proper care is not taken.

Closing Words

Home fires are a calamity that can affect you anytime, anywhere, no matter how cold it is outside. To keep your home safe during the holiday season, make sure you have all fire hazards under control. Don’t use high-powered battery lights on a dry Christmas tree or leave a space heater unattended.

You may not expect it, but small instances like these are enough to trigger a big fire. If you ever need help with fire-related concerns, make sure to call Flood Tech 3 at (703) 270-6428 for water and fire damage restoration services. We also have a special team of plumbers who are always ready to help out if you dial (703) 677-6721.