5 Common Causes of Kitchen Fires

October 15, 2023

Kitchens are the hearts of our homes. Be it cooking or planning meals, kitchens are truly the place to be. However, they’re also a hotspot for accidents, ranging from minor to major. For instance, whether you’re stir-frying on the stove or plugging in your coffee machine, there are lots of safety hazards that one must be careful of. Sometimes, even the smallest mistake can lead to a kitchen fire, with irreparable fire damage. This is why it is crucial to understand the depth of these accidents and what causes them. In his blog, you will find some of the most common triggers of kitchen fires, so make sure to keep on scrolling.

  1. Forgetting to Unplug Electric Devices
    This may not seem like a big issue, but forgetting to unplug an electric device might cause it to malfunction. The smallest spark can give way to something much more dangerous, especially if it gets caught up in wires or a flammable item nearby, such as a dish towel or a bottle of oil. Make sure to unplug every electric appliance that you use, be it an air fryer, waffle maker, toaster, etc.
  2. Leaving the Gas Open
    If you have a gas stove, then chances are you might have forgotten to turn off the gas valve once or twice in the past. This is extremely dangerous because it could lead to gas poisoning, gas leaks, or, in some cases, even kitchen fires. It is necessary to close all the knobs of the gas stove when you’re done cooking to ensure no accident takes place.
  3. Cooking on High Flame
    You have probably seen chefs cook in a fancy manner, sauteing vegetables until flames burst all around the pan. It might even make you want to flambé on your own, but it is important to be careful when attempting such tricks. Cooking on high flame can be incredibly dangerous and may trigger a fire.
  4. Placing Flammable Materials near the Cooking Site
    It is impossible for you to keep every flammable item away from your kitchen. After all, most of the food items you cook with are considered flammable. However, there are certain materials you can avoid altogether, such as paper towels near the stove, wearing loose clothing, leaving your hair open, keeping alcohol or spirit bottles near an open flame, etc.
  5. Leaving Food Unattended
    We have all been done there, forgetting that you put an egg to boil on the stove as you lounge around in your living room, scrolling on the phone. It isn’t until an hour has passed that you realize something is wrong. Unattended cooking is not only dangerous, but it is also fatal since it leads to terrible kitchen fires.

Long Story Short

All in all, kitchen fires are an awful tragedy. If not stopped in time, they might advance up to house fires, leaving behind mountains of damage in their path. Nevertheless, in case of a threatening fire situation, call 911 before reaching out to a fire damage company for restoration and repair service. For more information on the procedure, feel free to contact Flood Tech 3 at (703) 270-6428 for 24/7 water, fire, and mold services and (703) 677-6721 for exclusive restoration needs.