How to Safeguard Your Home from Flooding During a Hurricane?

May 30, 2024

Hurricanes are among nature’s most destructive forces, creating widespread devastation that can take decades to recover from. Flooding is a common threat during hurricanes; it may destroy homes, businesses, and roads, leaving people stranded and without access to any help.

In this blog, we will look at what causes flooding during hurricanes and, even more importantly, how to save your home from flooding during a hurricane.

What Causes Flooding During a Hurricane?

Heavy rainfall, storm surges, and high tides contribute to hurricane-related flooding. Here is how each factor contributes:

Heavy Rainfall

Hurricanes can produce heavy rainfall in a short period of time, overflowing drainage systems and flooding rivers, streams, and cities.

Storm Surges

Strong winds force seawater onto the coastline, resulting in a surge that can flood coastal regions. This surge can reach several feet high, causing widespread flooding.

High Tides

When a hurricane coincides with high tides, water levels rise even higher, worsening flooding caused by both rainfall and storm surges.

6 Tips to Prepare for and Prevent Home Floods

While we cannot control the force of a storm, we can take steps to protect our homes and minimize flooding risk. Here are some important tips to consider:

Increase Your Home’s Elevation

If your home is in a flood-prone region, consider elevating it to prevent flood damage. You may also install flood vents to allow water to flow in and out during floods.

Install Flood Barriers

Install flood barriers in your home. You can do so by sealing windows and doors with caulk and weather stripping. These barriers help prevent water from entering the home during floods.

Keep Gutters and Drains of Your House Clear

When a hurricane is predicted, remove leaves and debris from your gutters and drains to ensure that water drains away from your home during the hurricane. You can also put in gutter guards to stop debris buildup.

Create Natural Defenses

Plant wind-resistant trees, shrubs, and vegetation strategically around your property to slow down water flow. This tip is helpful because plants absorb excess water and reduce runoff speed.

Secure Your Outdoor Belongings

Before a hurricane arrives, anchor outdoor furniture, equipment, and objects susceptible to strong winds. Securing these items prevents them from causing damage or blocking drainage.

Emergency Pump System

Having a backup pump system can be super important during flooding events. So, it is important to invest in a robust emergency sump pump system intended to drain excess water from your home.

Final Thoughts

Hurricanes bring strong winds and heavy flooding that can cause a lot of damage. However, you can protect your home by getting ready ahead of time.

If your home is damaged by a hurricane, Flood Tech 3 can restore it. You can reach out to us by dialing (703) 270-6428.